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Martin LEMAN

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Lisa & Leonardo

Oil on canvas Artwork and 183cm
(6 foot) person to scale:
Picture to scale Six foot man
H:60 x W:41 cm
(H:23 x W:16")
Rainbird Ref: 927
A classic Martin Leman painting of 'Mona Lisa' incorporating one of the artist's famous cats and painted in his usual flawless technique. Interestingly the background is influenced by the work of Giorgio de CHIRICO (1888-1978) the famous Greek-Italian pre-surrealist painter and in particular his painting 'Mystery & Melancholy Of A Street' (1914). The Leman painting comes in the artist's choice of frame and is in perfect condition. If you wish to inquire about this painting please use the INFO button below to send us an email. The identity of the art will be automatically included in your mail. Please also consider joining our Mailing List at 'CONTACT' to keep up to date with artists and their work.
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