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Rainbird Fine Art is a contemporary fine art consultancy specialising in unique, original contemporary art. We try to source original art that people may really like and not what the over hyped art establishment says they should like. We view this website as an introduction and understand it is not the best of environments to browse art, however hopefully it does give a good idea of the type and quality of art we stock. We prefer 'real' art that shows traditional skills by artists who work with professional quality, time proven materials. Therefore if your idea or appreciation of modern contemporary art is influenced by pickled fish, elephant dung, unmade beds and men in frocks, we may not be quite right for you. Further information follows.


The proprietors of Rainbird Fine Art are Rick Goodale (see below) and Swedish born Ann-Kathrin Durge (see below). They have been in the art business in various forms for over thirty five years having previously lived and worked in Amsterdam , Stockholm , Sydney and Los Angeles. After returning to London they opened a contemporary art gallery in the City of London supplying original art to the city's private and corporate art collectors and to many others throughout the world via their website. As they began to feel uncomfortable about passing on the ever increasing overheads of running a central London gallery to clients, they closed the gallery and now operate as independent art consultants, brokers and dealers. They also have extensive art licensing experience and often arrange for the commercial reproduction of contemporary art for such uses as advertising, publishing, jigsaw puzzles and corporate greeting cards etc. Using their past wide experience and contacts, they now devote much of their time to sourcing high quality, original contemporary art from emerging and established artists throughout the UK and overseas. For clients and collectors in London and the Home Counties (UK) they offer a personal, bespoke service which can include taking art to clients homes or offices for viewing and project managing commissions for site specific requirements. For further afield and overseas they ship to most locations in the UK and internationally. See 'Buying Art From Rainbird' for further information.

Rick Goodale  After time spent at St Martins School of Art in London Rick Goodale's life in art really started as an illustrator in the late 1960's. He first worked in the studio of the then central London security printers Harrison & Sons (where the St Martins Hotel now stands) producing illustration for stamps and banknotes, mainly for Britain's overseas territories and it was here he first saw the airbrush being used for producing illustration. A few years later he joined the art studio of The Sunday Times where they were launching the, then revolutionary for British newspapers, Sunday Times colour supplement. After this he moved to a position in the fiction titles art department of Penguin Books as a graphic designer/illustrator and later as studio manager in a central London art studio where he evolved as a fully recognised 'airbrush' illustrator. At the height of the period known as 'Swinging London' he joined Alan Aldridge (who he had worked with at the Sunday Times and Penguin Books) at probably the most well know London graphic studio of the time 'Ink Studios' which used the airbrush as its main art medium and had many high profile clients. These included 'Apple Corps Ltd' (the books 'The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics' 1 & 2 were produced at Ink) and other titles such as 'The Butterfly Ball' and clients like 'The Playboy Club' and 'The Incredible Department Store' as examples. Record covers were also produced at Ink for recording artists Elton John, The Small Faces, Cream to name but a few together with graphics for many stores and restaurants of the period including Peter Boizot's firstPizza Express in Wardour Street. Another was the original 'Hard Rock Café' which opened in June 1971 in Piccadilly, London whose founders had previously operated London's first 'real American hamburger' restaurant 'The Great American Disaster' in Fulham Road which Ink also produced the famous launch poster and graphics for (right). The Hard Rock Cafe logo you see still used today was originally designed at Ink. Also the infamous poster for Andy Warhol's film 'Chelsea Girls' (featuring 16 year old artist/model Clare Shenstone - left )
was designed there although an Amsterdam printer had to be used after British printers refused to print it because of its risqué content (Warhol commented later that he thought the poster was better than the film!). After the demise of Ink Studios, Rick Goodale and his colleague from Ink Bob Smithers formed 'The Drawing Room' in London's Soho district which took over many of Ink's clients and again went on to become one of London's most successful graphic design houses. A few years later Rick Goodale moved to Amsterdam to start an overseas branch of The Drawing Room. Later he lived and worked in numerous other overseas cities including Stockholm, Sydney and Los Angeles supplying illustration and graphic design for many of the world's major advertising agencies and design groups. On his return to the UK he founded 'Artbank' , a stock illustration library, which specialised in licensing protected reproduction rights to existing art and illustration priced according to usage, territory and period. Artbank later expanded to also act as artists agents representing illustrators from the USA, Canada and Europe mainly to advertising agencies and design groups in the UK, Europe and the far East. During this period many clients purchased the original art produced for these commercial projects and as the business evolved and adapted owing to the Internet and other factors, he and his partner Ann-Kathrin Durgé opened a contemporary art gallery at Clerkenwell in the City of London. After trading for ten years, with many of the City's legal and banking firms among their clients, the financial crisis happened and they closed the gallery in 2008. They now act as independent contemporary art dealers and brokers.

Ann-Kathrin Durgé If the unusual surname 'Durgé ('pronounced 'dur-year') may be familiar to some readers it will probably be because they are Swedish. Ann-Kathrin's grandfather Ivar Durgé opened Sweden's very first driving school in Goteborg in 1919 and this name can still be seen as you drive down Goteborg's main street ' Avenyn' today. Ann-Kathrin Durgé was curator and 'front of house' at the Clerkenwell gallery for many years and developed a keen knowledge of the type of art that collectors and clients may like. Her experience of running the gallery and dealing with so many artists and clients has left her with a highly objective view on the type of art we may be able to find buyers for and what art may suit domestic or corporate environments or the art licensing companies we source imagery for.

(Please note this section is closed at this time and we cannot respond to unsolicited submissions)

Rainbird Fine Art are always interested in viewing the work of full time artists who are producing high quality, interesting original paintings (not prints, editions or reproductions of any kind) on professional quality materials and may like to have it promoted to our client base. Please note: We are art dealers and brokers and our business is about sourcing unique original art for our collectors and clients in the UK and overseas. We do not directly 'represent or promote' individual artists but include their work on our website which is promoted around the world and often visited by our collectors and clients. If artists have any form of signed exclusive agreement with a gallery they should check before submitting their work to us. Like most established art dealers we would not want to spend time, effort and money on promoting artists work if they may undermine our efforts via their own websites or by including their work on the unselective 'art' websites that proliferate on the Internet these days. Artists practising today should be aware that art buyers are more conscious and informed about if artists act in a professional manner indicating that they are serious about their reputation and most importantly for buyers, retaining the future value of their product. This will always include a basic self respect regarding the company they allow their art to keep and a certain exclusivity.

Following are our Submission Guidelines on how to approach us. As we receive so much spam and unsolicited approaches we can only respond to submissions that are sent exactly as requested. Please do not make a submission unless you have good quality, well presented originals available for viewing should we wish to see them. As general guidance regarding submissions we prefer oil or acrylic on canvas of a reasonable size and one fully developed, preferably figurative or a representational style.

PLEASE NOTE: No three dimensional pieces (sculpture) or abstract paintings at this time please.

Artists are asked to follow this 3 point submission procedure:
1. Email up to 6 (no more) low res. Jpeg's (Jpeg's only please and no larger than 250KB each (if you submit a zip file we will not open it or respond) of what you consider to be your best most recent original work (no prints/editions).

2. Include sizes of the works and mediums used/technique in the email or as a separate 'Word' document. Also please include your website URL if you have one, an idea of your prices and let us know if you are registered for VAT (UK artists only).

3. A Biography or/and a basic 'Artist's Statement' which should include your geographic location and year of birth as an email or as a 'Word' document attachment.

This information should be emailed to us with 'HAVE READ SUBMISSION GUIDELINES' in the 'Subject' field. NOTE: Our spam filter may reject and we cannot open or respond to any email inquiries unless they are submitted exactly as requested with the full information required so that we know you have read our Submission Guidelines. All initial approaches to us should be by email with attachments as described above. We will not respond if we are just directed to a website for this review process. If we feel the work may be of interest (and please understand here that we view work objectively for if we can find ongoing, repeat buyers, not if we like the work or not) we will ask you to visit us or we may visit you (if in the UK or Western Europe) to see examples of your original work. If you have a query or require further information, please email but clearly state in the 'Subject field: 'HAVE READ SUBMISSION GUIDELINES' so we know that you have read and are fully aware of our Submission Guidelines.

Send submissions to: .



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